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Emma Makin

Emma Makin loved the sense of community within her MSc in Digital Education online learning cohort. She's putting her degree to good use as Head of Computer Science.


Emma Makin


MSc Digital Education (Online Learning)

Year of Graduation 2013

Your time at the University  

Emma Makin

The University of Edinburgh encompasses everything a higher institution should - a high concentration of outstanding and talented teachers, researchers and students.

Since I was living abroad in the Netherlands, then China, when I applied for online courses, I needed one that was flexible and understood that, as a full-time Head of Computer Science in an international school, I needed to study with an institution that could understand my busy schedule.

The University exceeded all expectations and it was the clear choice above all other courses offered online by any other institution.

The staff were super flexible and allowed me to complete the course at my own pace, always emailing to check in on me adding a personal touch. The course felt more immersive and well established than most “real life” courses I have studied.

Thanks to the humour the teachers and fellow students brought to the course, as well as motivational debates, forum discussions and so on, I really felt a part of something and would have continued to study at Edinburgh for the rest of my life if I could!

I enjoyed my time immensely and felt part of the University itself despite being over 5000 miles away!

​​​​​​​I really felt a part of something and would have continued to study at Edinburgh for the rest of my life if I could!

Emma Makin

Your experiences since leaving the University

Currently, I am the Head of Computer Science at the British School of Brussels.  Thanks to the MSc programme, I have now made fully immersive, online courses for all my students to follow. I also support alumni students from my schools around the world via online support. The course really inspired me to continue to support students long after they have left my classroom and to support lifelong learning.

I am now exploring the idea of a PhD in which I can continue to develop my love of learning, my programming and development skills and hopefully bring more enriching experiences to students across the globe who may not have access otherwise.

Alumni Wisdom

Do not think about applying, just do it! To shamelessly quote Mark Twain, “Never regret anything that made you smile.” Well, this course made me smile, laugh, feel positive about myself and I met some wonderful people.

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