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David Berger

Long distance student, David Berger, chose Edinburgh because of its reputation and has used the skills he learnt during his degree to increase his opportunities in the professional world.


David Berger

Degree Course

LLM Innovation, Technology and the Law

Year of Graduation


David Brebner

Your time at the University

Because of its reputation as one of the best Universities in the world, the University of Edinburgh was my top choice when looking to study my LLM in Innovation, Technology and the Law. However, what decided it for me was not only the uniqueness of the programme but the flexibility offered by the distance-learning course as I was also working full time alongside my studies.

One of the key things I took away from my course was the ability to think through a problem systematically, directly and passionately. This was thanks to my Professors and classmates who made sure that I looked at problems from a different perspective. By incorporating my learning experiences, I have learned to anticipate potential complications when working on cases and other problems in the workplace.

Despite being an ocean away from Old College, it did not stop me from pursuing my studies to the fullest

David Berger

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

I graduated from the University in the fall of 2012.  Initially, there were not too many changes to my career as a Contract Specialist however; I could see my career evolving.  I began by applying what I learned at the Law School to contract administration for the US Government and started to perform more program management activities.

With this newfound interest on the technical side of programs, I changed my position and became a Program Manager.  In this position, I am able to use more of the technical and management lessons that I gained from the Law School.  I am now able to manage technical projects, understand where engineers want to the go to with a given program, and interpret and explain what is needed to be done to contracting specialists and contractors.  I have been able to use what I have learned at the University of Edinburgh to increase my career options and opportunities in the professional world.

Alumni wisdom

Take advantage of the University and the opportunities it offers.  You may not have this chance again.  What you put into your studies, your effort, will make the experience all worthwhile.  Despite being an ocean away from Old College, it did not stop me from pursuing my studies to the fullest that I could.  Though you will be challenged to push yourself in directions that you would not like to go in or had never thought of, you need to adapt, challenge yourself, learn, and persevere.

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