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October 2019

Tales from a playwright, a tech entrepreneur, a 3D photograph enthusiast, a special constable and an animal health expert show that there are as many career paths as there are individuals.

Lawrence Brown

Lawrence Brown at a corporate event.

Dr Lawrence Brown has carved a unique path with his expertise in veterinary medicine. Today he combines running an animal health consultancy and supporting the UK Government, whilst pursuing a part-time MBA at the University's Business School.

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One of my main roles is as the ‘Animal Sciences and Aquaculture Sector Specialist’ for the Department for International Trade (UK Government) as part of their Agri-Tech team. This has been a hugely rewarding contract, I have travelled all over the world (from New Zealand to Canada) and had speaking opportunities at several high-profile events in front of large audiences.

Dr Lawrence Brown

Sarah Rutherford

Sarah Rutherford

Actor-turned-playwright Sarah Rutherford reveals the sources of inspiration behind her darkly comic works and how completing a PhD in English Literature has informed her creative process.

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The tone of my work is clearly influenced by the blackly farcical plays I immersed myself in for my PhD, and the discipline required to work hard under my own steam has stood me in good stead.

Dr Sarah RutherfordPlaywright

Peter Blair

Peter Blair

From collecting 3D photographs to building a women's ice hockey team in Chamonix, chemistry graduate Dr Peter Blair's pursuits have been wide ranging.

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​​​​​​​As a chemical physicist I had to do chemistry, physics and maths in my first two years, but in third year I had a choice of outside subjects in addition to the core chemical physics course. I chose fine art.

Dr Peter Blair

Mhorag Doig

Mhorag Doig

Responding to the demand for new ways of working, French and Business graduate Mhorag Doig founded a tech start up that helps businesses source flexible workspaces.

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My path since graduating has not been linear, but I think that is in part thanks to the University and my professors preparing me well for the ambiguous and changing nature of the working world.

Mhorag DoigFounder. Harbour84

Thomas Xuan Meng

Thomas Xuan Meng

Dr Thomas Xuan Meng's positive experience of the emergency services in Scotland led him to volunteer as a special constable.

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​​​​​​​The most rewarding part of being a police officer is knowing that even with the smallest act, the positive impact on people who have difficulties in their lives could be huge.

Dr Thomas Xuan Meng

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