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January 2019

This month's featured alumni work in diverse fields spanning ecotourism, illustration, sports media, civil society and higher education administration.

Vasyl Romanyuk

Vasyl Romanyuk

MSc graduate Vasyl Romanyuk credits his time studying politics at Edinburgh with underpinning his career focused on developing civil society in Ukraine.

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Over the past decade, in one way or another, I have engaged myself in supporting civil society development in Ukraine [...]

Vasyl Romanyuk

Natalie Berry

Natalie Berry

Climber and journalist Natalie Berry anticipates exciting times ahead in her role as Editor-in-Chief of the world’s busiest climbing and mountaineering website.

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My application for a press accreditation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was approved recently, so I’ll have to start learning Japanese! It’s the Olympic debut for Sport Climbing and a very exciting time to be a climbing journalist.

Natalie BerryEditor-in-Chief at

Alan Wilson

Alumnus Alan Wilson

Dr Alan Wilson's career in veterinary medicine has taken him to Uganda, Australia, Kenya, and Indonesia, where he founded a conversation company that helps local people conserve their environment through ecotourism.

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In the past 20 years we have entertained over 150,000 guests in our eco lodges and created thousands of jobs and large segments of communities dedicated to conservation.

Dr Alan WilsonFounder and chairman, ECOLODGES INDONESIA

James Albon

James Albon illustrating at his desk.

Illustration graduate James Albon loves the independence and variety that comes with a freelance career, and travels extensively to gain inspiration through exhibitions and new surroundings.

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One week I might be finishing off an extensive series of linocut prints for a classic novel, the next I might be working on an intense 24 hour deadline for a newspaper, or taking time to explore the city, visit museums and galleries, and draw directly from life.

James Albon

Paul Greatrix

Paul Greatrix

After gaining a degree in English Language, Dr Paul Greatrix never really left higher education. Today he holds a leadership position at a Russell Group university and blogs about issues in the sector.

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I started my current role as Registrar at the University of Nottingham in 2007 where I am responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the academic administration of the University.

Paul Greatrix

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