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April 2020

From historical sword fighting and corneal transplant procedures to the life of Thomas De Quincey and more, our featured alumni this month posses an eclectic range of knowledge.

Alumni in Finland, Taiwan, Canada, the United States and right here in Edinburgh share anecdotes from their time as a students at the University and their paths since.

While these profiles were written before the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, we hope they will still provide an interesting look at some quite unique journeys that members of our alumni community have taken. 

Guy Windsor

Guy Windsor holding a sword

Guy Windsor knows a thing or two about historical sword fighting. Since co-founding the Dawn Duellist’s Society in 1994, he's set up a school for swordsmanship in Helsinki, written several books and earned a PhD.

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Find work to do that you believe is valuable for its own sake, and which suits your nature. You may have to invent your own profession. That’s ok.

Guy WindsorConsulting swordsman

Tang Yi-Hua

Tang Yi-Hua at the seaside

Forensic anthropology graduate Tang Yi-Hua plays a role in helping people to see again through her works as a technician at the National Eye Bank of Taiwan.

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Our eye bank will continue to help patients who need corneas...

Tang Yi-HuaTechnician at the National Eye Bank of Taiwan

Robert Morrison

Robert Morrison in front of a bookshelf

Professor Robert Morrison on retracing the footsteps of English essayist Thomas De Quincey and why Edinburgh Airport features in his favourite student memories.

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​​​​​​​During my years at Edinburgh I was privileged to be surrounded by an intimidatingly bright group of graduate students who taught me a great deal about English literature.

Professor Robert MorrisonBritish Academy Global Professor at Bath Spa University

Stasha Healy

Stasha Healy headshot

US alumna Stasha Healy on tracing her Scottish roots, writing while travelling, and helping East Coast alumni to celebrate Burns Night.

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When I moved to the suburbs of New York City I couldn’t find a Burns Supper near me so five years ago I started my own.

Stasha HealyAward-winning writer and editor

Ian LeBruce

Ian LeBruce and his dog in Holyrood Park with the Crags in the background.

From developing video games to launching new ventures and heading up a branding agency, 2011 physics graduate Ian LeBruce isn't afraid to get out of his comfort zone.

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​​​​​​​My career path has been varied but quick paced and vibrant.

Ian LeBruceManaging Director, Ignite Your Brand

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