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July 2018

Europe is the theme that connects our five alumni profiles this month.

Europe calling

As well as having studied at a Scottish university, our featured alumni this month each have something else that ties them to Europe.

Some come from a European country. Others are among the 30,000 or so Edinburgh alumni living elsewhere in Europe.

The study of European languages and cultures have provided a gateway to new careers, and political developments have been the focus of one graduate's many pursuits.

Look out for an update on the University’s European activity since the UK Referendum vote in next month’s edition of Enlightened.

Gráinne O’Hogan

Gráinne O’Hogan

Singing and part-time jobs filled Gráinne O’Hogan's spare time as a student. Now an Arts Manager, the Dublin native finds that these extra-curricular experiences have come to shape her career path.

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Don’t rule out your hobbies as just pastimes – if you love something, find a way to make it your livelihood!

Gráinne O’HoganArts Manager, University College Dublin

Miriam Aziz

Miriam Aziz

A law scholar turned multimedia artist, Dr Miriam Aziz shows us what can be achieved by pursuing one's curiosity and creativity.

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Finally in 2015, after 23 years in academia and legal practice, I decided to dedicate my time to my career in the arts, which I had begun in earnest in 2005, during a year-long sabbatical, which I was forced to take as I was experiencing debilitating back pain.

Miriam AzizArtist

Anthony Salamone

Anthony Salamone

2013 graduate Anthony Salamone has been immersed in Brexit and European debates in recent years. Across his pursuits, he continues to make the case for studying and debating the European Union, its policies and future.

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Most recently, I co-founded the Scottish Centre on European Relations (SCER), an independent think tank based in Edinburgh. The aim of SCER is to enhance the quality of the EU debate in Scotland and to bring a Scottish perspective to European issues.

Anthony SalamonePhD in Politics candidate

Rebeca Moss

Rebeca Moss

2017 French and Philosophy alumna Rebeca Moss offers reassurance to students and recent humanities graduates who are unsure of their next steps after university.

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Speaking advanced French and having demonstrable analytical skills has put me in great standing, as engaging with clients and offering smart solutions to complex problems are essential aspects of the role.

Rebeca MossAccount Executive

Magda Lechowicz

Magda Lechowicz

A volunteer placement during fourth year helped Magda Lechowicz to gain a clearer idea of what type of career to pursue. As an Innovation Consultant, the psychology graduate draws on her creativity and people skills.

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Interviewing people affected by dementia and academics in the mental health field has been a fantastic experience and I truly appreciated my degree and my volunteering experience in Edinburgh.

Magda LechowiczInnovation Consultant

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