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November 2014 | Alumni Profiles

This month's alumni have kept an ongoing connection with Edinburgh, either by returning over the years or by persuading family members to follow in their footsteps.

We are interested in the role that the University has played in your life, either directly - in terms of skills and knowledge - or indirectly, via friends, experiences or chance encounters.

Please get in touch and you and your experiences could feature on our website.

James Taylor was first in his family to go to university and his medical career has taken him from the Congo, back to Edinburgh and finally to Western Australia.

Karen Guthrie found her mind opened whilst studying at ECA and now works in partnership with a fellow graduate on projects as diverse as a permanent harvest garden and a documentary about the Tudors.

Ken Weighand stresses the importance of work/life balance whilst studying, and looks back on first encounters with computers in the 1980s.

A strong belief in flexible working has not held Linda Urquhart back in breaking several glass ceilings, including being the first female appointed as managing partner of a major law firm in Scotland.

Professor Cousin completed his undergraduate degree at Edinburgh. He now researches brain function, and is directing research at the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre at the University.


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