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May 2016

What happens when you mix graduates from artificial intelligence, linguistics, divinity, geology and biochemistry? This month's alumni profiles!

Vasilios Danias

Vasilios Danias

Vasilios Danias, School of Informatics graduate and operations manager at Uber, attributes his personal and professional development to his time spent at the University of Edinburgh.

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The University of Edinburgh’s reputation helped me considerably in my professional life, but more importantly, the knowledge I gained along with skills I attained helped me to stand out and perform my duties well.


Sue MacGillivray

Sue MacGillivray has had an interesting and varied career since graduating, including setting up her own private life coaching consultancy.

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I have evolved through my experience and thank Edinburgh University for giving me that firm footing and belief.

Jean Porter

Jean Porter

Jean Porter’s experiences studying divinity at Edinburgh have inspired her to go on to seek appointments where she is not only needed, but needed the most.

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Within three weeks of arriving at my summer placement, one of the church leaders was heard to say in my direction, “Here comes Trouble!”

Jane Robb

Jane Robb

Jane Robb talks to us about her inspirational director of studies, working with the mineralogical collections at the Natural History Museum, London and her hopes to use her geology degree to help shape global development.

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Take the subjects that interest you most at the time, and let your knowledge and interests evolve naturally, rather than trying to shoehorn yourself into a career path so early on.

Oliver Stegen

Oliver Stegen

Oliver Stegen ended up in Edinburgh by chance and used his linguistics degree while living and working among the Rangi in Tanzania, learning their language and helping local teachers to devise a writing system.

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It turned out to be love at first sight: Edinburgh, the Athens of the North, with its vibrant culture and history, the university’s academic vigour as well as the dynamic life of student societies.

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