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June 2015

Art and science combined and the ability to communicate ideas across countries and cultures unite June's cohort of Edinburgh graduates.

Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson

Time spent directing opera and musical theatre as an undergraduate has led to a career in the arts for medical graduate Michael Richardson.

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I spent a little time working in medicine, as a junior hospital doctor, but in my own mind my destination was the arts, and the time spent directing opera and musical theatre as an undergraduate lead me to a work placement as an assistant director at the Royal Opera in Covent Garden.

Nichola Robertson

Nichola Robertson

Nichola Robertson travelled the world as an undergraduate but it is back home in Edinburgh where she is having the most impact as an Anatomy and Teaching Surgical Fellow.

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We used to joke that being a medical student in Edinburgh was a bit like being a student wizard with the resemblance of the buildings at Teviot Place to Hogwarts and the variety of classes you took; granted it was pharmacology not potions and sociology not muggle studies.

Kimberley Simpson

Kimmie Simpson

Tattoo artist and Edinburgh College of Art graduate, Kimmie Simpson on finding her artistic voice and her recent involvement in art and anatomy at the University.

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Attending ECA was not easy, I was constantly challenged and at times I really struggled to find my voice amongst a room full of artists. However, the experience was life-changing and I am stronger because of it.

Gerald Wiener

Gerald Wiener

From a Kindertransport to a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Gerald Wiener's life and career in animal genetics is worthy of a book; luckily one has been written.

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This research stretched over more than ten years and the discovery was recognised as a world first and received much scientific interest and attention.

Michael Williams

Michael Williams

Former teacher and current professional storyteller, Michael Williams explains how his PhD in English literature prepared him for both creative professions.

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I enjoyed the freedom of research, the stimulation of dialogue and debate, and the challenges of writing up my thesis. All of this too while supporting a wife and three children.

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