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October 2015

We focus on the University's College of Science and Engineering this month with former students who graduated in geography, chemistry, geophysics and physics.

Cameron Brown

Geography graduate Cameron Brown found his passion when he joined the East of Scotland University Air Squadron and now works as a first officer for Ryanair.

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As a reserve in the RAF I got taught to fly (including aerobatics), went on numerous ski trips and also had the opportunity to work at the Royal International Tattoo in the Flight Operations Department every summer.
Richard Culleton

Richard Culleton

Richard Culleton knew he wanted to study at Edinburgh University when he exited his train at Waverley Station and still loves the city just as much now.

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The education I received at Edinburgh has been vital to my career. The quality of the teaching I received during my BSc was immense, and the experience, enthusiasm and guidance that were passed on during my post-graduate degree were priceless.

Kirsty McCabe

Kirsty McCabe

Cowen House and an evening climb up Arthur’s Seat are stand out memories for broadcast meteorologist Kirsty McCabe, who decided to study geophysics at the age of 12.

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When I was 12 and reading a careers booklet I came across geophysics for the first time. As well as being obsessed about how the world works, part of the reason I wanted to study it was because so few people had heard of it!

John Moffat

John Moffat

Edinburgh was always physics graduate John Moffat’s first choice of university but a conversation with a professor led him down an unexpected path.

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Edinburgh laid the foundation for my career and the conversation there with Professor Cochran redirected it, as it was the most influential conversation I’ve ever had. Cambridge topped it off.

Catriona Smith

Catriona Smith

Chemistry graduate Catriona Smith has many great memories of Edinburgh but an opportunity to play shinty evolved into a passion for the game which she still has today.

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My personal achievements since completing university have been mainly in the sporting arena – having been selected to play for the Scotland women’s shinty team every year since 2004, being awarded Women’s Shinty Player of the Year twice in that period, and being part of two teams which won the women’s Camanachd Cup.

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