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May 2019

Five PhD graduates reveal their career paths, from paving new routes in writing, to founding companies and managing science programmes.

Where next after a PhD?

Ahead of the University's annual PhD Horizons Careers Conference on 17 June 2019, we hear from five PhD alumni who have taken creative, entrepreneurial and scientific paths.

Dedicated to showcasing the breadth of career opportunities open to PhD students and graduates of the University of Edinburgh, the PhD Horizons Careers Conference will include over 20 speakers from a wide range of occupations, as well as opportunites for gaining advice and inspiration .

PhD Horizons Careers Conference - 17 June 2019

Jokha Alharthi

Jokha Alharthi headshot

After finding herself in a "literature paradise" while pursuing her PhD in Edinburgh, Jokha Alharthi pursued writing alongside an academic career, winning this year's Man Booker International Prize.

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Every time I go back [to Edinburgh], I realise that this is the city that has enriched my experience as a writer and I am grateful to it.

Jokha AlharthiNovelist and Assistant Professor

Nakul Haridas

Nakul Haridas at graduation

Dr Nakul Haridas's masters and PhD research on developing smart antennas led to the creation of a high tech spinout company.

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It was my dream back in 2004 to invent a device that would enable seamless and ubiquitous connectivity for all, and today I see that dream taking shape and becoming the reality of tomorrow.

Dr Nakul HaridasCo-Founder, Sofant Technologies Ltd

Helen Senn

Helen Senn

After gaining her PhD in Evolutionary Biology, Dr Helen Senn spent a year cycling from Scotland to China before joining a newly formed lab at Edinburgh Zoo, where she now manages a team of ten researchers and field biologists.

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Using science and sound decision making to improve the status of threatened species is what I really enjoy about my job.

Dr Helen SennHead of Conservation and Science Programmes, RZSS

Russell Jones

UK Pet Poet Laureate 2018-19 Russell Jones reads to a kitten.
Photo courtesy of Blue Cross.

The UK’s first Pet Poet Laureate, Dr Russell Jones, is a two-time Edinburgh graduate. Working as a writer and editor, he has published five collections of poetry and three writing anthologies to date.

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I am the UK’s first Pet Poet Laureate. This involves writing 10 pet-themed poems over a year, helping to promote the positive impacts of pets on our human lives. 

Dr Russell JonesUK's Pet Poet Laureate 2018-19, writer and editor

Melissa Moncrieffe

Melissa Moncrieffe

PhD Education graduate Dr Melissa Moncrieffe founded a global education business that provides programmes and services for youth and young professionals.

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My research and work experience at EUSA was influential in developing my business model as well as my previous work and higher educational experiences at, for example, The Graduate Institute in Geneva and UNESCO in Geneva and Paris.

Dr Melissa MoncrieffeFounder, Valued Educational Services, LLC

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