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July 2014 | Alumni Profiles

A spirit of adventure and a willingness to take a chance and grasp opportunity binds together this month's intrepid fivesome.

We are interested in the role that the University has played in your life, either directly - in terms of skills and knowledge - or indirectly, via friends, experiences or chance encounters.

Please get in touch and you and your experiences could feature on our website.

Coming to Scotland as a 'blind bat', Anna Abramowski tells us how she found her feet in Edinburgh. Read more about her dedication to mental health.

Vivienne Cochrane tells us of a life marked by curiosity. Here we learn about Vivienne’s extensive travel and varied career.

Despite going to school with Mick Jagger, Andrew Dobbie calls his acceptance to the University of Edinburgh, 'the best thing that happened in my young life'.

Dr Andrea Gardiner tells us about her time since graduation including her fascinating life in Ecuador, both as a doctor and in helping to provide a world class education for children.

Alumnus Colin White talks about his prestigious work in the sciences and his transition from an academic to a non-academic career.


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