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June 2021

This month's alumni all share a passion for their chosen career paths that weren't always what they had intended, and they tell us how Edinburgh was central to taking them there.

Alan Addison

Alan Addison

Alan Addison overcame previously undiagnosed dyslexia to study at the University and change his career from carpenter to literacy tutor.

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Richard Brash

Richard Brash

Edinburgh-native Richard Brash returned to his hometown with his family in 2017. He had decided to complete a PhD in Systematic Theology - a decision that has now taken him to Japan as an assistant professor.

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J.M. Hirsch

JM Hirsch

It's fair to say that J.M. Hirsch fell in love with Edinburgh while a student here in the 1990s. He has since brought his son to visit and proposed to his now-husband on Calton Hill. He tell us about his time studying Philosophy and how he turned a passion for food into a busy writing career.

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Robert Lacok

Robert Lacok portrait image

Prague-based Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics graduate Robert Lacok shares his journey to his dream job at a San Francisco startup.

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Rhianna Tweedie

Rhianna Tweedie in her football kit

Teacher Rhianna Tweedie talks football, travelling from home to study and how the past year has reinforced her committment to teaching and the wellbeing of her students.

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