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November 2019

A medieval historian, a cognitive neuroscientist, a green campaigner, an adult learning specialist and a US National Park Service employee reflect on their experiences.

Gabor Ronay

Gabor Ronay as a student

Medieval historian and writer Gabor Ronay was forced to flee Hungary after the 1956 Revolution. Starting over in Edinburgh, he loved every aspect of student life in the welcoming city.

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Edinburgh University taught me English and new values and, in effect, gave me a chance not only to complete my linguistic studies but to restart my life in Britain. 

Gabor Ronay

Kim Graham

Kim Graham

Professor Kim Graham has pursued psychology since picking it up as a second-year outside course. Today she is a leading cognitive neuroscientist and champion of research activities. Here she reflects on breaking barriers, making a stand and enduring friendships.

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At that time, it seemed impossible to me that anyone would ever know enough, or feel confident that one knew enough (!), to write an academic book. It feels pretty amazing, therefore, that I am now an author of my own, and that our work is helping drive new ways of thinking about how the brain supports human memory.

Professor Kim Graham

Mayer Hillman

Mayer Hillman

Green campaigner Dr Mayer Hillman on his family's Edinburgh roots, the happy years working on his PhD in Social Sciences, and his deep engagement in environmental policy research.

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For close on 50 years, I have attempted to highlight the imperative of  incorporating environmental considerations into public policy.

Dr Mayer Hillman

Janet Benson

Janet Benson

Digital Education graduate Janet Benson gained a new fascination for game-based learning and no shortage of funny anecdotes during her online MSc studies.

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The only thing stopping you being successful is thinking that you can’t be.

James Miculka

James Miculka at the Statue of Liberty

Working for the US National Park Service led James Miculka to study resource management at Edinburgh. His career has since taken him to Guam, New Orleans, New York and Texas with the same employer.

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I manage a partnership where we place park rangers and volunteers on Amtrak, the passenger rail network to provide on-board education programs to folks traveling by train.

James Miculka

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