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January 2021

Stories about changing career paths, finding work during the pandemic, and memories of fieldwork emerge from our featured alumni this month.

Yuanyuan Li

Yuanyuan Li

Yuanyuan made the most of her year in Edinburgh by taking part in diverse academic and cultural activities, and is now using the knowledge she gained at Edinburgh to advance English language learning in China.

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Andy Nairn

Andy Nairn

Andy Nairn credits some good luck and sound advice with helping him go from Edinburgh law student to advertising aficionado and author.

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Romesh Palamakumbura

Romesh Palamakumbura

Romesh Palamakumbura talks about geology as a lifestyle and how friendships forged during fieldwork trips are friendships for life.

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Agustina Solassi

Maria Agustina Solassi

Agustina is from Argentina and immediately fell in love with Edinburgh's beauty and architecture - perfect for her time studying Architectural Conservation here. She also has some sound advance for new graduates.

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Laura Young

Laura Young

Laura Young talks about taking advantage of opportunities and being prepared to take on any challenge, however uncomfortable.

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