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We have been publishing alumni profiles on the website since August 2012. Read about graduates from all aspects of life and their experiences at the University.

November 2020

Fadwa Affara
Stories about football, nursing, speech technology, teaching and the United Nations emerge from our featured alumni this month.

September 2020

Charlotte Horler
A wine educator, a retired surgeon, an environmental entrepreneur and graduates working in finance and business make up our featured profiles this month.

July 2020

Prince Chakanyuka
Graduates with expertise in public health, clinical psychology, social enterprises and the works of John Milton share their stories.

June 2020

Kodira Kushalapa outside the Ashworth Laboratories in 2019
Graduates in India, Australia, the United States and Germany tell of their passion for forest conservation, sustainable winegrowing and technologies, public service and poetry.

May 2020

Kirsty Dick in Antarctica
We hear from a filmmaker who specialised in World War II series, a former resident of Antarctica and a semi-retired graduate who's led a multi-faceted career.

April 2020

Ian LeBruce and his dog in Holyrood Park with the Crags in the background.
From historical sword fighting and corneal transplant procedures to the life of Thomas De Quincey and more, our featured alumni this month posses an eclectic range of knowledge.

March 2020

Karen Walls
Arts, humanities and social science alumnae give us a glimpse into their lives and work with film, space law and more.

February 2020

Jurgen Basstanie in a cafe
Dip into the lives of five alumni, from a foreign language teacher in Belgium to a retired Edinburgh dental surgeon.

January 2020

Lisa Thomson
Journey through the decades as Edinburgh graduates from the 1950s, 60s, 80s, 00s and 10s share their stories.

November 2019

Kim Graham
A medieval historian, a cognitive neuroscientist, a green campaigner, an adult learning specialist and a US National Park Service employee reflect on their experiences.