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We have been publishing alumni profiles on the website since August 2012. Read about graduates from all aspects of life and their experiences at the University.

February 2020

Jurgen Basstanie in a cafe
Dip into the lives of five alumni, from a foreign language teacher in Belgium to a retired Edinburgh dental surgeon.

January 2020

Lisa Thomson
Journey through the decades as Edinburgh graduates from the 1950s, 60s, 80s, 00s and 10s share their stories.

November 2019

Kim Graham
A medieval historian, a cognitive neuroscientist, a green campaigner, an adult learning specialist and a US National Park Service employee reflect on their experiences.

October 2019

Sarah Rutherford
Tales from a playwright, a tech entrepreneur, a 3D photograph enthusiast, a special constable and an animal health expert show that there are as many career paths as there are individuals.

September 2019

Erangi De Costa
Ahead of South Asia Week celebrations around the city, we catch up with four graduates with links to the region.

August 2019

Ahmed Hamam with New College in the background
A blacksmith, social care advocate, breast surgeon, theatre director and doctor in diagnostic radiology share their experiences of Edinburgh and beyond.

July 2019

Tessa Fiorini Cohen
Alumni in Kenya, Malta, Singapore and Ireland share their experiences of online learning and its impact on their fields of expertise.

June 2019

Headshot of Al Harris
Meet five Edinburgh alumni working to save our oceans in different ways.

May 2019

Jokha Alharthi headshot
Five PhD graduates reveal their career paths, from paving new routes in writing, to founding companies and managing science programmes.

April 2019

Neil Forsyth
Learn how these five graduates have navigated careers in TV production, screenwriting, firefighting, finance and business.