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October 2012 | Alumni Profiles

This month's selection includes alumni wisdom from, amongst others, an award winning Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Blue Badge Guide for Scotland.

We are interested in the role that the University has played in your life, either directly - in terms of skills and knowledge - or indirectly, via friends, experiences or chance encounters.

Please get in touch and you and your experiences could feature on our website.

Blue Badge Guide for Scotland Norma Allan talks about special memories, interesting vacation jobs and her love of poetry.

Software Programmer Wei Cao talks about choosing the right place to study and making the most of the networking opportunities available.

Research Officer and PhD student Nadia Cunden talks about making the most of your time at University, learning from different people and other cultures as well as enjoying the city itself.

Professor Brian Perry talks to us about studying at the Dick Vet and a career that has spanned the globe.

Post-doctoral Research Fellow Sathya Velmurugan talks about the beauty of Edinburgh and growing your confidence.

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