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January 2016

A healthcare special this month as we combine graduates from the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine with our Nursing Studies alumni.

Dr Derek Bruce

Derek Bruce

Dr Derek Bruce talks to us about moving to the United States after graduating in medicine and how his Scottish charm and accent helped his career along the way.

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Having a soft Scottish accent served me well in the USA as I could say exactly the same as my colleagues but the audience thought it sounded better!

Alison Glover

Alison Glover

Alison Glover was already a qualified nurse with a successful career when she came to the University to study for an MSc which has already opened up new possibilities within her profession.

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Since undertaking the MSc in Advancing Nursing Practice I have developed a patient information website which is currently and on the NHS Lothian website, I have presented several of my assignments at our specialist conferences and I am currently in the process of developing our clinics for the future.

Mumtaz Khan

Mumtaz Khan

Mumtaz Khan talks to us about moving to Edinburgh from Pakistan, living in Pollock Halls and the long-lasting influence studying tropical veterinary medicine had on his professional life.

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The snowy weather of winter was bit gloomy but adventurous and watching swans in the lake and golf players through the back window of Ewing Hall was always fun on Sundays.

Janet Macmillan

Janet Macmillan

In her fourth year, Dr Janet Macmillan took an emergency psychiatry clinical placement to test how she could cope with the specialism, many years later she is still involved, even after retirement!

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I used the clinical placement in fourth year to go to London on the basis that an emergency psychiatric clinic was likely to be scary and if I could manage that then I could be a psychiatrist.

Jeanette Robertson

Jeanette Robertson

Jeanette Robertson was first introduced to the University of Edinburgh and it’s MSc in Nursing Education on a holiday to Scotland in 1979, 36 years later she considers her Edinburgh education key to her satisfying nursing career.

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In the ad I saw an opportunity to build on my existing teaching and nursing qualifications in the country of my ancestors - and strengthen my career prospects as a nurse educator. I was not to be disappointed!

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