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October 2013 | Alumni Profiles

Passion unites this month's profiles as we chat to five alumni who are driven by their passion for sport, education, teaching, charity work and design.

We are interested in the role that the University has played in your life, either directly - in terms of skills and knowledge - or indirectly, via friends, experiences or chance encounters.

Please get in touch and you and your experiences could feature on our website.

Oliver Barsby’s time at Edinburgh pricked a passion for sport that stays with him today. He tells us how this has helped his career path and why students should make the most of the opportunities outside your course.

Adam Burns came to Edinburgh having initially secured a scholarship made possible by an alumna’s legacy to the University. He describes how his experiences at the University sparked a lasting passion for education.

Graham Gamble, who is Headmaster of an English school in Cyprus, tell us about acting, writing and a love of haggis suppers. He also explains why he wishes he had explored more of Scotland whilst at university.

Linsay Given Black has changed course a few times in her successful University and professional careers, but she is finding personal fulfilment now with her involvement in a very special charitable cause.

An appreciation of the beauty of Edinburgh inspired Sania Pell’s time at the Edinburgh College of Art. She explain how this eye for good aesthetics has led to a successful career as a stylist and writer.

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