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November 2021

This month's selection of alumni are all looking to the future. Through returning to study, changing career paths, and taking social action each is moving forward in their lives in a positive way.

Jamie Craze

Jamie Craze

New graduate Jamie Craze has decided to continue his studies by completing a masters in Climate Change Finance and Investment. He tells us why, as well as recalling some of the highlights from his time as an undergraduate.

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Soledad Magnone


Soledad Magnone tells us how her masters from Edinburgh has helped develop a career dedicated to closing the digital divide.

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Mario Martin


Mario Martin came to the University at age 35 to study for a masters in Cognitive Science. He recounts his time living in a student party flat, the friendships he made in Edinburgh, and how he's now working for an online stockbroker.

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Sofia Polychronidou


Sofia Polychronidou was delighted when her concept for PhD research was received enthusiastically by the University of Edinburgh, allowing her to delve into researching European Theatre and leading to her current role in a major cultural centre in her native Greece.

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Paula Tassara


Paula Tassara is a climate professional and activist based in Chile. She's been using digital tools, the arts and her own music to educate and inspire others, including at the recent COP26 conference. She tells us about her work and current projects.

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