New Students

Student support services

Explore and find out more about the support and advice services available to you as a new student, so that if you ever need support you know where to go and who to contact

Guidance for your academic expectations

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This section will guide you through the several facilities and services available to assist you with your academic progress and development.

Enhance your student experience

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We provide several services to help students manage a wide-range of topics, from consulting assistance with their studies, to dealing with accommodation concerns. Refer to the information below to guide you through the information provided on the services available. 

Financial support

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If you are experiencing unexpected financial difficulty during your time at University, there are a number of resources at the University available to help and advise you on matters that concern you. 

Attend to your health at university

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This section will provide you with information on the range of services and facilities available for you should you seek medical or welfare care.

Manage Your Wellbeing

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University can be busy and stressful at times, and this can affect your wellbeing, particularly as you settle into your studies. We all have strategies for coping with ups and downs in life and it is important to continue using and revising these approaches at University too. By doing this, you will help support and maintain your positive wellbeing and that of those around you. This is an important part of getting the most out of your university journey. 

Access your student wellbeing services

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This section provides you with useful information and services that will guide you in maintaining your wellbeing.

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