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We offer online training for staff to learn how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence and other forms of gender based violence from students.

Know how to respond

Support and advice for students who have experienced gender based violence (GBV) is a specialist matter. Due to the complexity and potential risks to the safety and wellbeing of those affected, there are experienced staff within the university's Equally Safe Team (EST) to advise and support those affected. Staff members may contact the EST to directly refer a student (with their permission) and you can also contact the team in confidence for advice on supporting a student whom you know/suspect is affected by GBV. It is not expected that non-specialist staff provide this sort of support.

However, a student who has experienced recent and/or historical abuse may elect to disclose it to you in the course of their interactions with you.

This may happen as the student feels safe to inform you of this and we want to ensure that all staff have the knowledge, skills and awareness to be able to handle disclosures or reports of GBV safely, and know how to escalate or signpost effectively.

For more information or to access confidential support contact:

Take our training courses

Take the time to complete our Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence training course,  and other training courses especially if you have regular contact with students.

The training provides high-quality, interactive and comprehensive training on handling disclosures of abuse & cover important issues such as assessing risk & basic safety planning for those affected. The training recognises the impact that such disclosures can have on staff & offer support & guidance as well as good practice guidelines

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence training course (EASE login required)

Course Content – Understanding and Responding to ... (

Course Content – Rape Crisis Scotland GBV E-Learning (... (

Refer to our Dignity and Respect Policy

The University’s Dignity and Respect Policy outlines the University’s position on promoting a positive culture for staff and students and its commitment to take action within these situations.

Read our guidance

We have also created some brief guidance to assist staff who may need to have such a conversation and refer the student on for more specialist support elsewhere

Guidelines for staff- updated November 2022 | The University of Edinburgh

A similar set of guidelines have also been produced for students.

Gender based violence | The University of Edinburgh