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Supporting the growth of online learning

New marketing projects are underway in ISG to support the University’s commitment to online learning.

More than 2 million learners have taken a MOOC with the University of Edinburgh, and 3,000 students are currently studying online degrees with us. We are committed to scaling this up even further, and have a number of initiatives underway to help expand our digital education ecosystem.

Improving the user experience

We've been testing the user experience for prospective online learning students on our website and will be collaborating with colleagues to improve content for this audience.

From MOOCs to Masters

Working in partnership with our MOOC platforms, we’ve been reaching out to learners who have previously taken a massive open online course with the University of Edinburgh, and hope to see more of them studying an online degree with us in the future.  

Find out more about Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) at the University

Data driven decision-making

Our market insight dashboard will help colleagues preparing to launch new online degrees have a better understanding of demand for subjects and market potential around the world. Parallel to this, our student intern is analysing trends and themes in our online learning application data.

Communicating through film

Our short film provides an introduction to online learning at Edinburgh, and addresses some of the frequently asked questions we receive from prospective students, such as ‘how does online learning work?’ and ‘will it say on my degree certificate that my degree was taught online?’.

We also brought together 15 student recruitment professionals on our DIY Film School workshop to brush up on their mobile phone film-making skills. Our next session is fully booked already, but we have online resources and kit to hire.

Visit our DIY Film school website for information on how to hire film kit and advice on mobile movie-making


If you have any queries please contact our Online Learning Marketing Project Manager:

(Ed. this article was originally published on 26 Jan, 2018)