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New Digital Skills and Training website

The Digital Skills and Training webpages on the University website have been significantly updated.

Over the years our web presence has grown greatly in size and was in need of a good update, so it seemed like the perfect time to not only remove old content, but redesign the overall look and layout. We worked closely with the University Website Publishing team and attended their 3-Day User Experience training course to learn more about design ideas and how to create a site based on the needs of our audience.

Our website now contains clearer information about our team, our services and the importance of developing the digital skills of our staff and students. It’s easier for our staff and students to locate online resources and booking onto our courses, with several sections and sub-sections replaced by a single Digital Skills Framework. You can still access the online skills development pages from our home page.

You can view our newly updated web pages at

(Ed. this article was originally published on 4 Dec, 2018)