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Excellence in equality and diversity

Our PlayFair Steps equality and diversity initiatives, in Information Services Group, have been recognised as excellent by the judges at the recent Universities Human Resources awards.

Image of UHR Award

Many organisations are now choosing to recognise Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) expertise as a significant area of  valuable knowledge which contributes to the business advantage and has a direct and significant positive impact on reputation. After two years of these initiatives in Information Services Group, we are now able to show the positive impact, report on metrics for improvement, and use data driven decision making for management practice.

Increasingly EDI work in organisations can be seen as having a focus on:

  • improving the use of data in driving future developments
  • a greater priority on communications
  • more effective evaluation of policies and interventions
  • a focus on ‘what works’ underpinned by a robust and systematic use of the evidence.

Further information about the UHR awards.

PlayFair Steps

Our PlayFair Steps programme (which draws its name from the idea of ‘fair play’ at work) focuses on ensuring that barriers and bias are addressed and a more inclusive workplace is experienced by all.  The PlayFair Steps is an initiative which improves our reputation and is of interest to central IT departments at other universities. The work is also being disseminated at relevant sector-wide conferences and recognised through being shortlisted by various national awards.

(Ed. this article was originally published on 3 Jun, 2018)