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DIY Film School supports film makers in India

Undergraduate students from the University used skills and equipment from our DIY Film School to document an amazing trip to India.

DIY Film School

The students followed the supply chain from the pickers and growers of Gujurat, to the fashion houses of Mumbai and were asked to consider the environmental, social and economic implications of the country’s primary export, cotton.

After attending a bespoke DIY Film school delivered by the DLAM Media Team and learning how to shoot professional videos using smartphones the students borrowed our team's portable kit of Beastgrips and Shoulderpods to take on the trek.

Mobile kit is becoming the default option for journalists and videographers on the move. Portable and lightweight, shooting on mobile allows the film maker to instantly capture the moment without having to carry bulky equipment or waste precious time setting up.  A flexible solution for our film makers who travelled from rural cotton fields to the offices of Vogue India. We look forward to seeing some great footage from our student documentarians.

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(Ed. this article was originally published on 20 Jun, 2018)