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Dealing with Data 2018

Materials from 'Dealing with Data 2018' are being made available online.

What is 'Dealing with Data'?

Dealing with Data is an annual event sponsored by the Research Data Service to provide a forum for University of Edinburgh researchers to discuss how they are benefiting from, or experiencing struggles with, the ever-changing research data environment.

Dealing with Data 2018 was held in the Playfair Library on 23 November where one hundred researchers and service providers discussed how the move towards open science and scholarship is affecting research. The themes of the event were:

  • Striving for Openness - Has access to open data already helped in your research, or are the demands for openness discouraging you from undertaking certain types of project? 
  • Balancing Demands - How do you balance competing demands for data openness with the right to privacy of research participants? 
  • Ensuring Impact - How do you increase your impact and ensure your research can be validated if your data are too sensitive to make open? 
  • New Tools - Are new tools providing fresh and exciting ways to work with your data or are you struggling to find tools to help you do what you need?

Online materials

The Keynote was given by Dr Emily Sena, Inaugural Editor-in-Chief of BMJ Open Science.

PDFs of the presentations are now available in the Edinburgh Research Archive (ERA).

Videos from the day will be published on Media Hopper in the coming weeks.

(Ed. this article was originally published on 4 Dec, 2018)