Information Services


Widening participation

Our collaboration with the Lothian Equal Access Programme for Schools (LEAPS) Summer School continued this year through the provision of Digital Creation and Information Skills training.


Media Hopper training was provided, by Andrew Kirk from our Digital Skills and Training team, for the 80 students who use video to reflect on their course material and then upload it to the Summer School Media Hopper channel.

Workshops designed to help the students access the Library’s digital and print collections were held by Nicola Edwards from the IS Helpdesk.  

Read more about LEAPS (external website).

LEAPS is a successful and unique widening participation programme, funded by its higher education institution and local council partners to increase progression to higher education in South East Scotland. We aim to encourage and advise students who are traditionally under-represented in higher education and we currently work with 59 schools throughout South East Scotland, supporting pupils who match LEAPS eligibility criteria.

(Ed. this article was originally published on 21 Jun, 2018)