Information Services


Launch of the Digital Skills Framework

A tool to help staff and students develop their digital skills has been launched.

Developing the digital skills of our staff and students is at the forefront of University strategy and underpins many of the University’s activities. Included in this is the organisation’s digital transformation drive towards a culture where every student is a digital student, every educator is a digital educator and everyone is constantly planning and updating their digital skills.

 Over the last year, the Digital Skills and Training team in Information Services has been working with College IT in CAHSS, IT and educational professionals across all three Colleges and JISC to develop a Digital Skills Framework for the University. The framework was designed by staff and students, with staff and students in mind.

The Digital Skills Framework is a tool to help staff and students evaluate their current levels of digital capability, reflect on development needs, plan a development path and find ways to develop those digital skills.

It provides access to over 500 resources and training courses, offering a variety of learning methods gathered from over 30 providers. The resources are either provided by the University or are open and freely available. Students and staff can filter them according to their role, the type of skills they want to develop, or their preferred delivery method and level of difficulty.

Further development of the tool, including offering programme-based learning to compliment the current self-led approach to developing digital skills, continues this year.

The Digital Skills Framework is available at so please explore the tool and start using it to develop your own skills and those of others.


(Ed. this article was published on 25 Oct, 2018)