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Largest number of CMALT holders in the UK

The University of Edinburgh is proud to have the largest number of current CMALT holders of any institution in the UK.

Photo of CMALT applicants and holders.
CMALT holders and applicants from the University with Maren Deepwell CEO of the Association for Learning Technology at our November Award Ceremony.

View CMALT holders list (including 15 holders from the university)

In 2016 we set up the University of Edinburgh CMALT scheme  to support staff from across the university to complete their CMALT portfolio by:

  • paying applicant fees
  • holding regular meetings of the CMALT applicants group
  • providing support to bring together a portfolio
  • organising half-day writing retreats.

Today, 18 months after we set up the scheme, 13 people have been accredited or reaccredited through our group.   

Read our CMALT holders thoughts on the ISG scheme 

Congratulations to everyone who has achieved their CMALT Accreditation, and good luck to those just starting out with their applications.


(Ed. this article was originally published on 14 Jan, 2018)