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New University web search

The recently deployed University web search features enhanced ways to search content and access results from across the University's web estate.

Enhancements for making search easier

New updates include:

  • a new filter to search within available programmes, fed from the degree finder pages
  • autosuggesting search terms when typing more than two characters
  • customised output for specific content types, like profiles and videos.

Raise your profile

One of the initial benefits of using the new search facility will be to achieve better promotion of University profiles. A new customised look and feel for profile search results and how contact details are displayed will be available.

Our recommendation for all University staff who would like their contact details to be easily found is to create an EdWeb profile page. This is very easy to do (and EdWeb training is not required) by following the appropriate guidance. Alternatively, you can email our support team with any UUNs for staff members you need to create profiles for.

How to create an EdWeb Profile

Email Website Support to create an EdWeb profile

Opportunities for better content management

These enhancements not only bring changes to the existing search delivery, but are a first step to influence the future of content management at the University.

Our next steps are to further analyse usage and start informing a service road map.

Please get in contact with your ideas of how to further improve central web search.

Email Website Support your search suggestions

New web search: learn more on the University Website Programme blog

(This article was originally published on 12 Apr, 2018)