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Media Hopper Create - new user interface

A new user interface for Media Hopper Create is being launched today. The new interface will improve accessibility and enhance the overall user experience.

Media Hopper Create

Existing users will notice a new, clearer presentation and layout, in keeping with the existing suite of tools we offer, including improved accessibility features such as better levels of contrast for text and menu items.

All existing functionality remains, including editing, publishing, searching, viewing and storing video content.

What is Media Hopper Create?  

Media Hopper Create is the University’s video channel and enables students and staff to easily create and publish video across multiple platforms to both internal and external audiences – it’s a bit like the University’s version of YouTube and is available to all staff and students.

Further information about Media Hopper Create.

If you’re new to Media Hopper Create, check out these guidance videos to help you get started.

(Ed. this article was orginally published on 25 Jun, 2018)