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Excellence in student employment

We're delighted to have been awarded prizes for our student employees and as an excellent employer in the Student Employee of the Year Awards (SEOTY) .

Student Employee of the Year

SEOTY is the UK's largest student awards dedicated to recognising the outstanding contributions and achievements of students who go the extra mile in combining their studies and part time work commitments.

The student testimonial which won us our Employer award described Information Services as "a brilliantly dynamic place to work as a student offering a large variety of part-time jobs which are designed for only one day a week so you can easily combine work with your studies. While you might assume that most of the jobs would be in IT, ISG actually offers a huge range of roles, providing exceptional means to develop digital skills even if you are studying something completely different for your university degree. For instance, there are jobs in copyrighting, media production, customer services, archives and libraries, communications, web development, event management and IT training. The jobs are designed to fit with the kind of skills students might already possess and you really get the impression that the organisation values the skills and insights that we bring to the table from our varied studies and experiences."

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(Ed. this article was originally published on 25 Jun, 2018)