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Record viewing figures for Media Hopper Replay

Use of Media Hopper Replay for lecture recording reached a peak in December with over 70,000 hours of content replayed.

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This record viewing figure to date reflects very strong usage for exam revision. 

This is a pattern evidenced in other Universities, and was also reflected with the Panopto pilot service.

Over 500 courses are now linked via the VLE to Media Hopper Replay, and over 6,000 recordings were made to the end of December.  Replay is very popular with students with around 190,000 views to the end of December.

The majority of Schools have now made recordings using Replay.  Ten Schools have made over 200 recordings since Replay was launched.  The Schools with the highest use to date are the School of Engineering, Business School, School of Informatics and School of Law.  Collectively, these four Schools account for over 100,000 student interactions and 39% of all School use to date.


(Ed. this article was originally published on 18 Jan, 2018)