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Expanding online learning with edX

We are expanding support for online learning by delivering MicroMasters programs.

This is an important next step in our innovative work and one that is in line with the University's commitment to pioneering online education for all.  Building on this success, the University is preparing to offer online Masters degrees and MicroMasters programs with edX in the subject area of business analytics, delivered by the University of Edinburgh Business School.

The University of Edinburgh will be the first European university to offer both MicroMasters programs and Masters degree programs on the  edX platform.

Partnering with edX lets us expand our online learning portfolio to deliver graduate-level education to a wider audience, utilising new and innovative online learning. By expanding our open educational resources we are able to reach more students online who are unable or do not wish to attend a traditional campus-based university education.

Peter MathiesonPrincipal and Vice-Chancellor, The University of Edinburgh

Further information on the edX blog.

(Ed. this article was originally published on 19 Oct, 2018)