Advanced Care Research Centre

Short film on Care Home Research

ENRICH Scotland (ENabling Research In Care Homes) are proud to present our new short film about research in care homes. Here they tell us all about it.

The film was designed and developed by our ‘patient and public involvement group’ known as RICH (Research In Care Homes) Voices. We know that research can seem a daunting topic, and that there are a lot of misconceptions about what it is like to live and work in care homes. Therefore, we hope that this short film will start conversations about getting involved and ultimately improve the way we do things.

The video can be viewed here.

We are very grateful to the residents and staff of Raith Manor Care Home who brought our film idea to life. We would also like to thank Kirsty Hynes, our NHS Grampian ENRICH colleague, as well as Lesley Cousland our NHS Tayside colleague for helping to demonstrate what research can look like. We also wish to acknowledge the Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) and the Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC) who supported the production of our video and FoSho Studios who created it. We wanted to show that there is a wide range in the types of research that care homes may be offered, including:

  • Clinical trial research e.g. a new or different medication
  • Social research e.g. the benefits of exercise on quality of life

In addition to the above we wanted to showcase the impact of research on the staff and residents in care homes. RICH Voices members have shared on a number of occasions how research involvement has improved their cognitive, psychological and social wellbeing.

We also asked our contributors to reflect on their recent experience taking part in the video:

“My experience of making the film was very positive one. I was nervous about being on camera and having to remember my lines, so was relieved to find that there was a teleprompt there! The camera crew were very good at helping everyone feel at ease, and the staff and residents all made us feel very welcome. It was lovely to be able to spend a bit of time chatting with them, as well as catching up with some of the ENRICH team. It is incredible to see the film as a finished product as I had no idea how it would all be put together.”

Kirsty- ENRICH CSO NHS Grampian

“It was a fantastic sunny day. We felt so welcomed by care home staff. Some of them were nervous to be filmed but their passion for their jobs and the ‘care home family’ came through strongly. It was lovely to chat to the residents (those who were being filmed and others in the dining room) and enjoy the homely atmosphere. It felt like we were part of a ‘normal day’ (including a visit by nursery children) and everyone was happy to tell us what they thought”

Dr Susan Shenkin, Co-chair ENRICH Scotland, and Reader, ACRC

“It was a great opportunity to showcase the relationships which have developed between ourselves and the team at ENRICH. Everyone had such fun on the day taking part feeling included and being involved. It absolutely reflected the integrity of ENRICH as an organisation and their ability to integrate into services with ease.”  

Alyson Vale- Abbotsford Care Home Business Director

ENRICH Scotland have colleagues across Scotland ready to support local care homes. Care homes that are interested in being more research active can sign up to ENRICH Scotland here and work with their local Clinical Studies Officer, to become a ‘research ready care home’. Our work is also supported by the Care Inspectorate. Your local contact will be able to let you know what research is available to take part in, as well as more about being involved in research-related activities with RICH Voices.

Our activities include producing the film we are sharing with you here, as well as creating a 4-episode podcast series looking at research in care homes, the benefits and the challenges, and what we want to see from the future. Episodes will be released over the next few months. RICH Voices members also support researchers in the design and development of research ideas, to make sure that the research fits the needs and preferences of care homes as much as possible. We welcome people living or working in care homes as well as family members, friends and the public to join us!