Advanced Care Research Centre

ACRC Symposium blog - reflections on the scary steps

PPIE member Stella Findlay reflects on her presentation to the ACRC Symposium

Thinking of some scary steps I’ve recently taken brings to mind navigating my route to my seat at Newcastle Football Ground.  Another is talking about the experience to the delegates at the ACRC Symposium. However, the first inspired my topic for the second, and the second seemed less scary when everyone put me at ease. 

The organisation of the symposium and the care and consideration that I experienced were second to none! It was enlightening and uplifting to know that such talented people are engaged in making life more comfortable and fulfilling for an older generation. 

Group discussions led to some interesting conclusions on each section covered. Retirement villages and plans to keep elderly in their own homes for longer, emphasis on healthy ageing and the importance of mobility and movement reverberated with me and with others. Additionally, it was enlightening to hear of the impact that falls have on the health service and of the personal impact. 

It was good to meet so many people with an interest in finding solutions to problems experienced by the elderly and I felt privileged to be part of it.  

Stella Findlay,