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Creating Alternative Pathways of Support for Older Informal Caregivers

New project seeks to improve pathways for older carers

This new project seeks to provide older informal caregivers, who themselves have long-term conditions, and look after people with multimorbidity with new opportunities for rapid support before a crisis associated with caregiving occurs.

Lead by researchers Dr Stella Arakelyan and Dr Jacob Sheahan, the project will aim identify the needs and priorities of older caregivers. Then, working  with adult day-care centres and informal caregivers, will co-develop alternative support pathways.

Dr Stella Arakelyan said "At some point in our lives, we will be either a caregiver or a care receiver, and having resources and needs-based support to navigate these new roles and overcome challenges is critical. Our project will co-create and pilot new pathways of community-based support for older informal caregivers to improve health and wellbeing."

Dr Jacob Sheahan added "Caregiving is complicated enough without the struggle of gaining the resources and support needed to manage day to day – tailored and nuanced pathways of support can help us bring care to carers.”

Find out more about the project, and meet the team, here.

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