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Blog - What is a systematic review and how do they help?

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Kris McGill and Stephen Malden explain what a systematic review is, how they are being approached and what key themes have come through as research questions for the ACRC research centre.

Blog - Putting people in later life at the heart of our research

Couple in Later life on Laptops
People in later life are at the heart of everything that we do at the ACRC and working closely with members of the public is an important part of making this happen.

Blog - What are the problems with ageing and how will the ACRC help?

Active group of older people
Our first blog post is from the Director of the Centre, Bruce Guthrie, and outlines the challenge posed by ageing and multimorbidity to health and social care, and the role of the ACRC in finding solutions.

University of Edinburgh projects to meet challenge of healthy ageing

Two University of Edinburgh projects have been awarded grants totalling over £3 million to meet the challenge of healthy ageing.

Launch of the ACRC

Medical professional speaking to couple in later life
In February 2020, ​​​​​​​The University of Edinburgh and Legal & General announced a major partnership to improve understanding of care in later life and to revolutionise how it is delivered.

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