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Blog - Understanding informal networks of care with older adults

Care Tree
Design Informatics designed the CareTree Cultural Probe study to explore how participants perceive the informal networks of care which support them in everyday life. Cultural probes are physical toolkits or packages sent to participants in their homes or communities, enabling contextual reflection through physical artefacts and a variety of prompts.

Methodological challenges in research on physical-mental health multimorbidity

ACRC Launch Event Bruce Guthrie and Pennie Taylor 3rd November 2021
On 7th Feb, the Usher Institute is hosting an event looking at methodical challenges around multimorbidity research.

Leading bereavement charity celebrates relaunch of their academic journal

Man with backpack
ACRC Research Fellow Caroline Pearce is the editor-in-chief of a new open-access journal which is relaunched, decades after initial publication.

Blog - Taking Care with Data

Earlier this month, the Alliance asked the ACRC to submit a blog looking at our response to the National Care Service Consultation.

Multimorbidity PhD Programme for Health Professionals

Two people walking in a park
Multimorbidity is the presence of two or more long-term health conditions in a person, and is a major global public health problem of increasing prevalence.

Blog - ACRC Launch – A day to remember

ACRC Launch Event Bruce Guthrie and Pennie Taylor 3rd November 2021
In our latest blog, Rob Mackie looks back at the ACRC Launch event.

Blog - Quality of care in later life in LMICs

Briefing paper 4: Quality of care in later life in Low and middle-income countries (LMICs)

Blog - ACRC publishes third briefing paper

Man welding
Briefing Paper 3: Multimorbidities

Blog - Thriving in later life through care networks and data-driven care technologies

Person using tablet near a fireplace
The Institute for Design Informatics (DI) is exploring the future of care in later life through its involvement in the Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC).

Blog - ACRC Academy: from ambition to reality

ACRC Academy students
Having been operating for just under a year, the ACRC hit another milestone this week as the first cohort of students were welcomed to the Academy. 

Blog - ACRC publishes second briefing paper

elderly and frailty image
'Emerging Findings: frailty and mortality during austerity'

Blog - ACRC publishes its first briefing paper

elderly and frailty image
‘Navigating blindfold in a blizzard: the invisibility of social care in routine data’

Blog - What is the AIM-CISC Project?

Older Couple walking hand in hand
Comms Officer Rob Mackie provides some detail on the AIM-CISC project, recently funded by NIHR. First posted 9th September.

Blog - First cohort joins the innovative ACRC Academy

Group of Students
Kate Morris, Project Manager for the Academy, tells us about the first cohort of PhD students and what the Academy expects to deliver. Posted by Kate Morris, 2nd September 2021.

Find out more about care in later life at our online launch

We will be holding an online launch for the Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC) on Wednesday 3rd November, 9.30am-11.30am. There will also be satellite seminars on key topics in the afternoon and following days.

Blog - The Delphi Method: trying to get experts to agree on anything is a nightmare

delphi method
Kris McGill of the systematic review team explains what the Delphi Method is and how it is useful to researchers.

Blog - What is a systematic review and how do they help?

book graphic
Kris McGill and Stephen Malden explain what a systematic review is, how they are being approached and what key themes have come through as research questions for the ACRC research centre.

Blog - Putting people in later life at the heart of our research

Couple in Later life on Laptops
People in later life are at the heart of everything that we do at the ACRC and working closely with members of the public is an important part of making this happen.

Blog - What are the problems with ageing and how will the ACRC help?

Active group of older people
Our first blog post is from the Director of the Centre, Bruce Guthrie, and outlines the challenge posed by ageing and multimorbidity to health and social care, and the role of the ACRC in finding solutions.

University of Edinburgh projects to meet challenge of healthy ageing

Two University of Edinburgh projects have been awarded grants totalling over £3 million to meet the challenge of healthy ageing.

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