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AIM Researchers take part in networking event

AIM CISC Researchers recently spent some time with researchers from all the various AIM programmes across the UK.

Imane Guelil at Turing Inst

In November, six researchers from the AIM CISC Programme visited the Alan Turing Institute in London, to take part in the AIM RSF ECR - a networking and support event for researchers from all the AIM Programmes. We asked a couple of the researchers to give us some feedback, here they are below:

Imane Guelil

On November 23rd, Chunyu, Paola, Guillermo, Eleojo, Abul and myself attended the AIM RSF ECR at Alan Turing in London. In addition to being amazed by the coffee machine, we really appreciated the work environment at Alan Turing. We adored meeting in person all the people that we usually just see behind the screen. We enjoyed being together, but we were also really open to engaging in interaction with other post-docs from Universities around the UK all working on multimorbidity. The morning was dedicated to presentations where some participants had to present their work for three minutes. Yes, three minutes only and it was a firm time to respect! Abul, Guillermo, Eleojo and I tried to promote our amazing work at AIM-CISC in the best possible way during our presentations. These presentations opened the door to more interactions among the participants.

During the afternoon, we participated in an amazing activity: reproducing papers using Reprohack. We had to be in teams, choose a paper and try to reproduce it in two hours. We all do that frequently but having to reproduce the whole set-up and the results in two hours was kind of challenging.  We learned a lot from this activity. I learned how to use Jupyter Notebook (thanks to Guillermo for this) as I haven't used it before. I would say that it was an amazing work to do in teams.  The day ended in an emotional way as a key member of the AIM RSF team was leaving Alan Turing. However, we appreciated being a part of this joy, emotions happiness and appreciation sharing.

To sum up, It was really a day for an early career researcher based on the three key concepts: Interaction, collaboration and cooperation"

Paolo Galdi

The AIM RSF ECR day was an occasion for early career researchers from 8 different consortia involved in the AI for Multiple Long-term Conditions (AIM) Programme to meet and discuss projects and common challenges. During the first half of the day, representatives from each consortium presented their ongoing work in 3-minute lightning talks and everyone had the chance to meet the speakers afterwards. I personally met with Dr Asra Aslam from the DynAIRx project to discuss about temporal modelling of electronic health records, and with Dr Hilda Hounkpatin from the AIM Study about investigating the link between loneliness and multimorbidity. I also discussed with members of the AIM RSF about knowledge-sharing activities involving the different consortia.

The second half of the day was dedicated to the ReproHack, which was a group exercise aimed at reproducing previously published scientific papers and at the same time an opportunity to reflect on reproducible science and how to integrate best practices in our work. Overall it was a very valuable and enjoyable experience.