Advanced Care Research Centre

Multimorbidity PhD Programme for Health Professionals

Multimorbidity is the presence of two or more long-term health conditions in a person, and is a major global public health problem of increasing prevalence.

The University of Edinburgh is part of a collaborative research programme which aims to meet challenges posed by increasing multimorbidity.  

Multimorbidity causes: 

  • higher mortality
  • poorer quality of life 
  • reduced life expectancy 

The Multimorbidity PhD Programme for Health Professionals, funded by Wellcome Trust, aims to create a generation of innovative world-leading researchers empowered with expertise in multimorbidity to prevent the condition and better treat those who are already suffering with it. 

The programme is a collaboration between the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and St Andrews and is open to: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, clinical psychologists and allied health professionals. 

Application Deadline of 10th January. 

For further information about the programme, and to apply, please click here

The projects to be supervised within the University of Edinburgh are as follows: