Advanced Care Research Centre

AIM RSF Conference 2023

Our AIM-CISC Early Career Researchers participated in the AI for Multiple Long-Term Conditions (AIM) Research Support Facility (RSF) 2023 conferences in Birmingham.

Group of AIM CISC Reseachers

During the two-day AIM RSF conference (April 26-27), our researchers had a chance to introduce the AIM-CISC program to other AIM consortia members and learn more about the strategic role of AIM REF in facilitating collaboration and offering AI and advanced data science expertise to the AIM research programs.

AIM-CISC researchers attended a plenary panel on the Bringing the Lived Experience into Research, Policy and Practice and a keynote on AI as a medical device delivered by Paul Campbell. They also participated in the discussions focusing on approaches and tactics to influencing policy, practice, and funding and how to engage with industry to translate research into innovation.

Data scientists explored and mapped the different applications of AI methods and approaches across AIM investments, whereas PIE leads and contributors from across the AIM consortia connected and identified synergies and points of collaboration across the AIM projects.

Our researcher Guillermo Romero Moreno gave an introductory 'lightning talk' on the AIM-CISC programme; you can see the slides in the following link: