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Hear from researcher Abul Hasan as he attended a three day Science Camp.

Abul recently participated in the NIHR Team Science Camp and Award, which had the primary objective of bringing together researchers with a shared interest in multiple long-term conditions (MLTC) from diverse disciplines and backgrounds.

The Team Science Camp, a three-day event held in Crewe, Cheshire, was designed to immerse participants in the principles of Team Science and foster the formation of multidisciplinary teams. The event took place at De Vere Cranage Estate in Crewe, commencing at 11:00 on Tuesday, September 26th, and concluding at 13:30 on Thursday, September 28th.

Abul Hasan at NIHR Science Camp

Abul was a member of a team comprised of researchers hailing from different institutions, including Oxford, Sheffield, Kings College London, and Queen Mary, University of London.  This interdisciplinary team is currently working on a research proposal centered around the theme of interventions, specifically involving a qualitative analysis of the impact of digital technologies, such as mobile apps. 

A notable aspect of the Team Science Camp is the announcement of 15 awards, each amounting to GBP 100,000. These awards are intended to support the development of pilot programs, with the subsequent goal of seeking funding for full-fledged research programs.

During the development phase, teams were tasked with devising methodologies that could potentially transition into comprehensive research programs.  It's worth mentioning that a total of nine teams were formed in the camp, and the organizers express a keen interest in expanding the initiative beyond the camp's confines. Furthermore, it's important to note that both teams outside of the camp and existing teams engaged in MLTC research will have the opportunity to qualify for the development and research program awards. The application call for these awards is scheduled to occur in January and February of 2024. This expansion of eligibility ensures a broader and more inclusive participation in addressing the challenges posed by multiple long-term conditions (MLTC).

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