Advanced Care Research Centre

New partnership on the horizon

ACRC has launched a new local partnership with Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership.

Together, ACRC and Midlothian HSCP will try to reshape how frailty is considered across Midlothian.

ACRC will support Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership to co-design new services alongside members of the Midlothian public through a series of workshops with health and care professionals.

Morag Barrow, Director of Health & Social Care: Midlothian HSCP said “Co-design leads to transformational change – a new way of working could lead to marked improvement for us all.”

Bruce Guthrie, Director of the ACRC said “Frailty is everyone’s business – you don’t have to be older to be frail, and winter is the hardest time.”

The partnership kicks off with some local engagement work in springtime, with workshops taking place over summer.

Working Group

Image courtesy of Centre for Ageing Better