Advanced Care Research Centre

Second cohort of ACRC Academy underway

The second cohort of students to the ACRC Academy have arrived.

Another milestone in the ACRC history was reached this month, as the second cohort of PhD students started with the ACRC Academy.

Students arrive from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines - from biology and engineering to archaeology, medical anthropology , business, Middle Eastern studies and Russian.

Group of PhD Students and Programme Leads

Some of our students are straight out of their Masters degres, and others are from careers as diverse as politics, architecture and optometry. 

We are so excited for them to start on their PhD journey with the ACRC.

Here are the list of PhD projects they will be investigating:


  • Co-creating "Narratives of Usefulness": advancing self-care through empathy-oriented digital device interventions with an ageing population”
  • The use of restrictive practices with people with diminished capacity in care settings
  • Evaluation of social prescribing for people in later life
  • Inclusive ‘Usual Care’ Pathways for BAME Older People: Co-producing a conceptualising framework
  • Dissecting the genetic risk factors of delirium and identification of therapeutic targets
  • Allostatic load in later life: How does neighbourhood 'get under the skin'
  • Enhancing access to greenspace for older people to improve quality of life
  • Sensing in the community – Wearables and other sensors for at home monitoring of health and wellbeing
  • Portable urinary incontinence management device
  • Automated measurement of recreational reading performance on electronic devices as an indicator of visual frailty diagnostic aid and in ageing