Advanced Care Research Centre

ACRC joins partnership with Danish University

ACRC has entered into a new partnership with the University of Copenhagen.

The application for the Edinburgh – Copenhagen Strategic Partnership seed-fund on ‘Evaluating new models of care for an ageing society in Scotland and Denmark’ was given the green light earlier this month.

This joint-work will be led by Professor Maria Kristiansen of CEHA (Centre for Healthy Aging & Department of Public Health) at the University of Copenhagen, and Professor Stewart Mercer, Deputy Director of the ACRC at the University of Edinburgh, bringing together two leading multi-disciplinary centres within the field of ageing and advanced care.

The partnership seed-funding opportunity will enable a joint exchange of new ideas across a range of activities relevant to ageing and care, drawing upon similarities and differences across the Scottish and Danish societal and academic contexts to develop a longer-term programme of research centred on new models of care in ageing societies.’

Professor Kristiansen said “An ageing population is a challenge for all countries, and by sharing knowledge and working together, this project can develop some truly innovative new models of care which will be to the benefit of people in later life everywhere.

Professor Mercer said “This project has huge potential, and I look forward to exploring and developing new ideas with the teams across the various disciplines, centres and universities.

The project starts immediately, and is due to run throughout 2024.

University of Copenhagen main campus