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Blog - ACRC publishes third briefing paper

Briefing Paper 3: Multimorbidities

The Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC) will be sharing outputs and information on its research in a range of ways. 

The third in a series of Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC) briefing papers was written by Stewart Mercer, Professor of Primary Care and Multimorbidity, and is one of the Academic Leads within the ACRC.  



Multimorbidity is the coexistence of two or more long-term conditions (including mental and physical) within an individual. It is now the norm, not the exception, in people in later life. Therefore, it is likely that the vast majority of the research carried out by the ACRC will include people who have multimorbidity. 

Multimorbidity is widely regarded as a key global challenge as it is rising in prevalence and already accounts for a large percentage of health and social care expenditure. Read the briefing to find out more about multimorbidity, and what the ACRC will do to meet the challenge.  

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