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Begin the matriculation process

Matriculation is the process by which you officially enrol at the University. Every student needs to complete the steps, and there is an additional step if you are coming from outside the UK, the EU, or the EEA.

“Matriculation” is the step by step process by which you will formally enrol into the University of Edinburgh before you start your studies. Without fully matriculating (registering online and your School confirming you have started your studies), you will be cancelled off the programme you have applied to study and you will be unable to access any of the University’s services and/or facilities. 

You complete matriculation online, so do not worry if you are not in Edinburgh when you are asked to start this process. Your School will tell you how to complete your matriculation by confirming your attendance. If you have any questions about how to complete matriculation, please contact your School. 

Before you start

Step 1 - Fulfil any admissions criteria (if required)

You may have been asked for additional criteria in your offer communication, such as evidence of English language proficiency, completion of a Disclosure Scotland application, etc. You will need to follow all instructions provided in order to complete this first step. If you were not asked to provide anything else as part of your offer, you do not need to do anything.  

You can refer to your offer holder email for any instructions to complete this step. 

Step 2 - Complete Annual Registration (online only)

Annual Registration is open to any student with an unconditional offer approximately four to six weeks prior to your programme start date. You must complete registration online ahead of your start date, to be able to start your studies.  

You will receive an email to your University email address with details on how to complete this step, with details of when to complete your registration by. You will start receiving these emails by mid-August.  

• You will continue to receive reminder emails to complete registration.

• You will be able to access the annual  registration link via the email that is sent to you, alternatively, you will need to login into MyEd and access your student record by clicking onto the following tabs on the MyEd homepage: Accounts> Progression > My student record

• You will be required to input personal information.

• You will be able to update information anytime and use any device to complete your registration.


Location update

When you complete your registration, we will ask you to confirm your intended location and method of study so we know how you will be engaging with your programme of study at the start of the semester.

If you have already completed your registration, we are aware that your plans may have changed since you provided that location information. Please let us know if your plans about coming onto campus have changed.

Update your study location:

Update Location Form (UUN log in required)  


Learn more about the requirements for Annual Registration

When you start 

Step 3 - Confirm your attendance when you start your studies

To complete the matriculation process, your School will confirm that you have started your studies. 

The School/Programme in which you will be studying will contact you at the start of your programme to explain the next steps on how they will confirm that you have started your studies. The process for confirming your attendance does vary between School, types of study, and Programme.

If you have any queries on this, please contact your School/Programme directly.

You should also set up your University email on Office365 as soon as possible, as your School will begin to communicate with you this way.

Set up your University email on Office365

Extra Step: International Check-In (only for students coming from outside UK/EU/EEA to complete after arriving in Edinburgh) 

The University of Edinburgh has a legal obligation to make sure that all non-EU/EEA/Swiss students have suitable immigration permission to study in the UK. 

To successfully complete International Check-in, you will need to make a scanned copy or clear photo of the following documents, and upload them to your MyEd account:

  • The personal details page of your current passport
  • The visa or entry stamp issued to you for study at the University of Edinburgh
  • Your boarding pass or e-ticket showing the date of your entry to the UK (if you did not receive an entry stamp from a Border Agent at the airport)
You can upload a copy of your passport before entering the UK, but you should only upload a copy of your visa vignette after you have arrived in the UK and it has been stamped at the UK border.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Student Immigration team.

Contact the Student Immigration team 

Next steps for international Check-In

Step by step matriculation guide

A step-by-step guide to completing each of these steps can be found on the University Student Systems website.

Matriculation Explained (Student Systems website)

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