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Complete your matriculation

Matriculation means completing steps that officially enrol you as a student at the University. Every student needs to complete the steps. There are also additional tasks if you are coming from outside the UK, the EU, or the EEA.

Image of colourful bunting with Task 1 written on the red flag.

Matriculation is completed  online. Your School will tell get in touch with you on how to complete the step of 'confirming your attendance'.

Before you start: the dates for this range from now until Welcome week (12th September 2022)

When you start: the dates for this are welcome week,  and your official first week of teaching is 19th September 2022

Academic Year 2022/2023 semester dates

Getting ready dates 


How to complete the matriculation process video

This video provides the step by step instructions outlining matriculation and more information about how to complete the matriculation process.

Recorded in 2021, this video will be updated for starting University in September 2022 in August 2022

Video: How-to complete the matriculation process
Video taking students through a step by step guide of the matriculation process

Please note: every effort has been made in producing accurate subtitles, however, there may still be some errors. 

If you have any questions about how to complete matriculation, please contact your School.   

Step by step matriculation guide

A step-by-step guide to completing each of these steps can be found on the University Student Systems website:

Matriculation Explained (Student Systems website)

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