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Top 6 Tasks

There are 6 essential tasks that every student coming to the University to study must complete both 'before you arrive' and 'when you start' in order to start your studies at the University of Edinburgh

All of the following tasks require part of it to be started before you arrive at the University and part of it to be finished when you start. Each task is explained below with further information about how to complete each one. 


Get connected to the University systems

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Get connected to access your email, WiFi, coursework, printing and more.

Complete the matriculation process

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Matriculation is the process by which you officially enrol at the University. There are four steps that every student needs to complete and an additional step for any student coming from outside the UK/EU/EEA.

Make arrangements to pay your tuition fees

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In order to be fully matriculated, you need to arrange payment of your tuition fees, whether self-funded or via a sponsor, grant or loan.

Apply and collect your student card

The University requires that you have an up-to-date University student card on you at all times. This card serves as your official student ID, your library card and door access control card, as well as identification to benefit from various ‘student discounts’.

Set up your personalised timetable

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To help you keep track of when and where your seminars and lectures are, make sure to set up your personalised timetable, and plan your schedule to get to your classes on time

Register with a doctor

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You are encouraged to register with a local doctor in order to get health care. It is important to look after yourself, both physically and mentally, and know where to go if you need medical assistance.

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Access to Assistive Software/Hardware

If you require access to assistive software or hardware please contact:

Student Disability Service
3rd Floor, The University of EdinburghThe Main Library Building
George Square
Edinburgh EH8 9LJ
Tel: +44(0)131 650 6828