About the Project

Further information and background to the Student Support Professional Development Programme.


Following a review of the University’s Student Support Teams by the Internal Audit Service, it was identified that a more consistent approach to training for staff delivering the student support function across the University was required in order to ensure a more equitable student experience, and a recommendation was made to roll out a training programme. In 2018, Schools were asked to take part in an analysis of the current state of training, and asked to detail any other areas of learning and development which should be prioritised (in addition to those identified in the Internal Audit report). 

A multi-disciplinary working group has been focusing on developing an electronic Professional Development Framework for staff delivering student support, and this will provide straightforward access to a suite of resources for staff. 

The working group is working closely with the University-wide review of Student Support and Personal Tutoring to ensure that anything coming out of the working group can feed into longer term recommendations for how the University is better able to support our students. Resources and support will continue to be added here as the changes to support are rolled out across the institution.

The Project

Training Suite

We have designed a training suite (secured) for any staff in student facing roles delivering a student support function within the University.  This includes people working within professional services and academic roles, and staff will be able to agree with their line managers which areas of training are most relevant to their role. 

The training suite will consist of both online resources and training (including face-to-face training opportunities) and will cover the following areas:

Provision of Pastoral Support
  • Mental Health
  • Communication
  • Responding to disclosures of sexual violence
  • Awareness training on equality and diversity
  • Community Building
  • Working with a diverse student population including WP and international students
  • Working with students who are studying away from campus, including those on distance learning programmes.
Administrative Functions within Student Support teams roles
  • Data Protection Training
  • Information Security essentials
  • Attendance and Engagement Monitoring
  • BI Suite
  • Awareness of relevant degree programme and assessment regulations and application of specific UoE policies and procedures
  • Use of communication tools
  • Awareness of PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans)
  • Customer Service training